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Welcome! Hi Visitors, this website is an online sales blog of mine... In fact is letting go my stuffs so that hopefully, they will be able to find their rightful owners! Please add Vintage Charms under your Favorites in your websites too so that you can visit this place again!

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Thank you very much!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey babes!

The long-awaited GSS is here!

Vintage-charms will also be having it's own mini store sales!! *chirps*

Sales period: 30 May - 30 June

All items, yes ALL!!! are on 40% discount! *clapps*

All items are on First-come-first-serve basis.

Items will go to the person that make payment first! :)

So, do hurry to visit the online webbie to choose the items that fancies u most!
Any enquiries: Please email to board_surfer88@hotmail.com for any enquiries and the orders. Cheers! :D


Saturday, November 11, 2006

~~> ☆ EVERYTHING Half Price if you transfer TODAY & TOMORROW! (50% OFF) VS NO sweats! / etc!


Any transfers done today & tomorrow (11th & 12th nov) will get a 50% OFF! =D EMAIL or SMS me now! QUICK!


If your interested in anything, Just POST up!

Welcome babes! Help me clear off all these clothes that are pouring out of my closet! Hhaha! Im a mad shopaholic and most of these stuff has never even been worn or only been worn once or twice! THAaanks!!

NOTE: ACCESSORIES & FLESH IMP'S JACKET & BIKINIS you see below are NOT included ^ ^

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Hi gals, I need your help this time round!
As I'll be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary with my boy next weekend, I need a cardigan to match along with my sweet pink tube (need it 'cos I'll be in school ^^), be it long sleeve, three quarter sleeve or puffed sleeve cardigan, along with ribbons to be tied at the front.
Would rather much prefer a white one, however, if any of you gals do have cardigans similar to the pic (refer below) but of different colors e.g. Black, don't fret!
Just flood my mail at board_surfer88@hotmail.com or tagboard with your pics!
A very much big "Thank You" to you gals. :)


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Updates on 23rd August Wednesday:

Vintage Charms is BACK!!

Hellos everyone! Vintage Charms is BACK!! Apologise to evryone for the long wait for updates of stuffs! I promise to update within these few days or so. Both tops and bottoms will be posted up, together with brand new imported accessories such as earrings and necklaces all below ten bucks.

In the meantime, Vintage Charms will hold a promotion for all!
Get any three items for the price of two!!
Grab the items you want fast! =D

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Updates on 5th August Saturday:


Ultimate feminine lacey bags r up! 10 limited edition pieces available only. Grab it fast! Interested party please email us at either: www.urbanshugar.blogspot.com OR www.vintage-charms.blogspot.com *Huggz*

♥ Vintage Charm

Hot new stuffs added! =

Just Updated! =

Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to Vintage-Charms.! Vintage Charms is debuted on June 18 2006. I'll be letting go my stuffs at a budget price affordable to any and everyone. Need to clear my wardrobe like, so badly. Some of the items were brand new, or were just wore/used once or not more than twice. New items will be added once in awhile, so do check back my site regularly for new stuffs. If you need any more enquiries, feel free to contact me :) I promise I'll be better at replying to emails now! Enjoy browsing. ^-^

Happy ShoppinG @ VinTaGe ChaRms!


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